Tracks bug when copied? Help please

Hello, I’ve copied one track I’ve made in a different project page basically from the number 0 to the number 1. I erased the tracks that were there and I copied my song from 0 to 1. when I push play it sounds weird it is not my song and when I try to play drums etc they don’t’ sound normal either.

I’ve read all the manual but I don’t understand why this happens. Can you explain this?

I tried the factory reset and It seems like that this happens only with the track I make. If I copy a track from the demo song of the opz I can hear it clearly. Is it broken? should I give it back?

Anyone thereee? Help


hi I don’t think you can copy tracks between different projects. i’ve only ever copied tracks to different patterns within a project. or just copied whole patterns from one pattern slot to another.

So can you confirm that that happens also to your opz? I’ve emailed teenage engenering about it. Waiting also for their answer

you can copy a track from one pattern slot to another. you can’t copy track data or even a whole pattern from one project to another. it’s not a big deal. it’s just how the device works.