Trigger Spark + Pattern Chain Problem

Okay, so I have a pattern with a very slowly developing melody, implemented using trigger sparks. There are four notes. #1 is triggered every loop, #2 is triggered every 2nd and 4th loop. #3 is triggered every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd loop, and #4 is only triggered on the 4th loop.

Works great when I just play the pattern by itself. The problem comes when I try to use this in a pattern chain. The pattern with the melody is pattern #2. There’s another pattern, #1, without the melody. I want to chain it something like 1112222. Problem is, when it gets to pattern #2, the trigger sparks happen as though it were the fourth time looping, not the first. Similar behavior if I chain it 112222 – the first “2” plays as though it’s the third time through.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

The loop counter is global, not per pattern/track.

You need to reset the counter at the right places using the “reset counter” spark. However, those are currently not working, a bug that TE is aware of.

Ah, nuts, I didn’t realize that.

Thanks for the info!

But, if things worked as expected, what would be the “right place” to put the reset counter spark in the example above?

In other words, how do you avoid executing the reset counter sparks more than once in case a pattern repeats (like pattern 1)?

I’m thinking you could put it in the pattern before. Maybe you could put a parameter spark on it so it’ll only trigger every X time (if the reset spark is on a pattern where you need the spark trig).

Component Spark? The middle one? I’ve wondered what it’s supposed to be for.