Turnaround on repairs - feedback?

So… My USB port is busted and I’m considering sending my OP1 into TE for repair. It took them nearly 4 weeks to reply to my enquiry with a standard “send it in and we can take a look” type response so I’m suspecting it may take them weeks even months to deal with my repair…

Can anyone who’s sent their OP1 back to TE recently provide some reassurance on turnaround times?

I sent mine in for a defective usb port within the warranty period. It took almost 3 months and they didn’t cover it. They said it was user damage. What the hell can you do to a USB port?? It was a ripoff - shipping, insurance, parts, labor…

Poor show, sorry to hear that mate.

Three weeks to furnish an RMA, and another 2-3 weeks to get it the OP-1 back, from NY to GA. And when I got it, the “new” battery seems weaker than the 5-year-old one that was in there when I sent it out.

Not thrilled.