Two op-1 problems on 2 different op-1s

I cant find the discussion topic I created on the list of discussions so im starting a new one.

First problem: sampler function: op-1 onboard mic wont function at all whether im trying to record my voice in tape mode or in the sampler and will only record sample external audio from the input if the sound from an external instrument is loud enough to make the op-1 clip. When it clips and goes into the red it finally records the sample. I’d gladly pay 50 bucks for a new board from ifixit but they are out of stock.

Second Problem:
One Key triggers just by being touched, not by being fully depressed. I took off the keycap and could see the the black paper-like layer around the green rubber key trigger is raised causing the green trigger to be slightly raised as well.

Any suggestions other than just waiting for ifixit to have more parts?


I’m in the same boat waiting for ifixit to stock more keyboards. TE says it will be soon.

As for the mic issue, could it be that your recording threshold is cranked up? I believe it’s the white encoder when on the input screen.