Unresponsiveness with midi keyboard

hey guys,
I’ve recently got an Iconnectmidi4+ and hooked up the op-1 with it so I can use a midi keyboard to give myself a greater range of notes.
the problem is that the op-1 is unresponsive to keys sometimes… i’ve turned up the velocity on the keyboard and there’s still a few notes every now and then that go undetected. this happens when playing single notes and chords.
I’ve tried connecting it straight up with ableton and i’ve still got the same problem. I know it’s not a problem with the keyboard as my other synths don’t exhibit this behaviour and the yellow dots on ableton clearly light up as well.
I’ve tried a factory reset and can’t think of anything else. Was just wondering if any of you have run into a similar problem?

Does this happen with one particular synth or any synth in general? It may not solve your issue, but have you messed with the poly settings on the op-1?

I’ve connected two synths that have midi via ableton to the op1. Never experienced the problem you described.

But the attack and volume of the note are more sensitive on the op1 than when I play on the synth or an instrument in ableton. could it be that the op1 is designed with “digital” keys in mind or am I just a crappy keyboard player? =)

I don’t have this issue. I get stuck notes but I assume it’s my old Roland keyboard.

I’ve had this problem when connected to ableton through my Apogee soundcard. I solved it by adjusting the midi/audio latency. I’ve since changed to a Focusrite pro 24 (for more inputs) Same thing, adjusted the latency and it now works great.

Maybe it’s an OP bug?
I get a similar one with portamento triggering sometimes ,then not on occasions.Can’t connect it with any sustain/release/legato behavior ,seems totally random so far.