Update firmware with phone

Hi folks, glad we are here. Long time lurker, First time poster. I thought I would mention since I don’t remember ever reading that it’s possible to update the OP-1 field’s firmware from a phone. It’s probably safer to use a computer but I didn’t feel like setting mine up and was curious if it would work. Used a Pixel 6 Pro by the way, not sure how much it matters, but the Eject functionality is important and I don’t know if other devices would have a harder time doing it. Also not sure if this would work on a OriginalP-1 but I don’t see why not.

Anyway here are the steps: (TLDR it’s the normal way you would do it, tweaked for Android)

  • Download firmware to phone
  • Power on while holding COM
  • Connect USB C to C cable, which added an ongoing notification to the phone. So far standard procedure~
  • Copy firmware file to root folder of OP-1: Tapping the notification opened the default Android file manager. Trying to copy the firmware did not work in this app. I happened to have ZArchiver installed and the copying process worked perfectly inside its file manager. I’m guessing most file manager apps would work though.
  • Eject OP-1, which was an action I could choose from the ongoing notification.
  • Let the OP-1 apply the update

Bonus tip: my phone is able to charge the OP-1. A nice option to have for emergencies.


Awesome find, THANKS!

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