Usability Quirks

Hello, the opz ia a machine with a very good usability, with a lot of cool Idea for feedback, packing features at the same place, discovering features… but I put here 2 usability problem that are pain in the ass for me. Feel free to add yours, maybe TE is listening !

Pb : Entering step components can be a nightmare
I make a lot of error using step component because the manulation is tedious : I erase steps or steps components by mistake and struggle to put new step components.
1- front pannel button is harder to hold when the opz is on the table
2 - the buton shift is on a corner so the opz tilt while pressing sometimes
3 - the button of the step, the step component or the step component parameter release at the wrong times
4 - also 2X trig
5 - also having to put a lot of power when pressing the button

  • all this prevent me to use step component efficiently when I jam or when I create patterns. Also I never seen the cool design on the IPAD because my eyes are focus on not making error on the opz.
    Recommendation : 2 tap on shift to enter step component edit, one tap to leave, it will not interfere with existing system and will encourage experimentation over dexterity.

Pb : Changing the velocity of a step is not easy
When I use pitch bend + step it change velocity of the step. But this is tedious to hold with bending at the same time, the visula feedback is unclear and the process is unclear, does I have to repetitivly tap on the pitch bend, press it a for 1 sec, or press it harder ? When does I reach the min or the max ?
Recommandation : add visual feedback when the parameter change : a led can flash or use the same visual representation that for the intensity of the pitch bend. Also If you allow an edit mode as the previous recommendation said, it will allow us to change velocity of multiples steps.

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I think double tap shift toggles “Latch” on and off, but I may have that confused.