USB power supply - Battery loading process does not stop


I wonder why the battery loading process does not stop, even after 24h. I am using an 5V 1.0A Max standard power adapter. Any suggestions?


I find the Battery meter to be finnicky. mine will blink on the last dote indicating no more power but then continue to work for 5 more hours. Usually I drain it to nothing(like it just dies) and then the full recharge will fix most of these blinky lights issues. also a factory reset cant hurt.

side note- sixteen hour battery life so i usually ignore if the battery is full or not.

One does not simply trust the OP-1’s battery meter.

@Krism :slight_smile:

sounds good, in this case it seems everything should be ok… :smiley:

Mine only ever acts right if I use a Mac to charge it. Anything else results in the meter reading incorrectly, including TE’s very own Oplab.

It used to really piss me off, now I just don’t give a damn anymore, because by this point I doubt TE will ever fix it. But it doesn’t change how much use I get out of a charge, so I’m over it.

I have had mine for 4 weeks and after 3 days of not bing able to charge it properly I sent a support request to TE who gave the standard blurb about charging batteries and it can take between 2.5 and 6 hours. After one more week I contacted the store I purchased from and they ordered in a replacement (still yet to arrive) but in the meantime the battery issues as the OP describes are finally resolved for me.

At first I would just get 3 hours battery, now I'm getting close to the 16 hours - and the solution: as KrisM states - I used the USB port on my Mac. Using anything else, usb hub, ipad charger etc resulted in random poor battery life with the charging indicators sometimes turning off, sometimes going for 15 hours straight.

The downside is that I'll always need my Mac!

I’ve been having peculiar battery issues over the passed few days in which I thought I had charged it (macpro). Then, I switched to an iPad adapter and had it charged over night. After checking the batt meter I thought I was good to go, but it crashed only after less than an hour use!

I guess I’ll need to try my mac again - so, why didn’t TE develop their own power supply for the op-1?