Used OP-1 buy

Hi folks, I’m new and recently bought some of the TE PO devices. Now I’m thinking about a used OP-1. Most OP-1 that pop up for sale seem to be well cared and in good condition, if not to say like new. Nevertheless, most are out of warranty and prices arent’t cheap.

Is there anything to watch out for? Any specific issues, updates, recalls I should be aware of?


There’s been pretty in-depth threads before regarding how to bag yourself a good OP-1.

Give search tool above a try :slight_smile:

Can you post some links?

I’ve tried the search with “used op1”, “used op-1” “buy op1”, “buy op-1” etc. etc. but I don’t get any results. Also, it’s not possible to sort the categories in view, replies etc.

I got a good deal on eBay
Once I got it I did a factory reset and installed the newest firmware from the TE website
No warranty but I’ve had no issues
Works like a dream :slight_smile:

I was searching for some results, theyre hard to find, yes… I think you have to trust the seller, that everything is ok. Of course there were people that had issuies with their device. But like everywhere else. If you had the chance to check your product before buying, test the encoders, all keys and the in-and–out board. The OP-1 can check this for you too by powering up and holding the COM button, then choose a function displayed.

@mixrasta, thanks. Yeah, a better search and a category sort function would be handy here. I’m not in a hurry with the OP-1 and will buy locally. So I’ll be able ot check ovbious things like hardware, connections etc.

Here’s an old thread that may help.

There has been others too.

I bought a used one ,that he bought 2 hand.Works a dream.
If it worked for them it shows its been road tested, in a way.These things are solid, often the problems are software or the i/o board,speaker and mic.They wear in well.
A good tip was check if OP-1 print had worn off the bottom right.