Using Midi Clock with Logic via an audio interface

Hello guys, i tried to send midi throught Logic X. I’m using an MPC2KXL and a soundcard.

My Op-1 is connected via usb throught logic and i’m sending the midi to the mpc and the Op-1. My point is that i don’t understand the use of MIDI with the Op-1. I saw that the play,stop button on logic etc is controlling the tape of the op-1. Nevertheless when i’m recording a pattern sequence it’s not really sync when i’m playing it (same tempo), moreover, tracks after been recorded does not appear on the tape, it’s weird :frowning:

My question is how do you use the Op-1 with the midi ? I know that you can use it as a midi controller, but i have an analo set up. Would be great if you can explain to me the process of syncing. :slight_smile:

Cheers OP’s lovers !

You might want to take a look at The Definitive Guide to Trying to Connect Your OP-1 Via USB-MIDI

Thanks man but still not getting how the op-1 is working as a slave! The topic is mode about an external midi device, but i already have one (logic+soundcard) Should i rec first my sequence ?


I have hardware sequencers as master.
One time it was important for my midi Monotribe to lead.Other stuff synced.
Everytime I hit play ,the OP1 would kick in.Then I’d start recording gear to the OP1 tape. Give it another pass on a 2 track, with a different jam.
Then two tracks of OP1ness.
Even off grid,later,mobile ,without sync.
Free style OP1 seqs ,that could drift, but due to its superior tape I can jam anything to fit or loop, with minimum drift effects.