Using op-z as a microphone out?

I’ve been loving using the op-z as a live microphone by itself but wondering if there was any way of using it as microphone by itself for a computer or on the likes of garage band…

Hey there

You can just plug the OPZ into your computer with the included USB and open say Garageband and as long as the preferences are set as OPZ Audio In/Out and you input monitor the Track on Garageband then you will be able to hear and record from the microphone of the OPZ.

Is this what you mean?

that will do thank you. I hadn’t realised also that i needed an interface to make it work also.

if u plug the Z in via the USB then the Z is the audio interface

Yeah you dont need an interface, the Z is the interface when connected via USB to your DAW

op zen

Is this possible in Windows?