Various keys are not working anymore.

Hey there,

I just the search engine first I am sure that I am not the first with that problem, but sadly it didnt show me anything.

My problem is that a bunch of keys stopped reacting. I don’t use the OP 1 very often, maybe twice a week for 1-2 hours, but some time ago the “8/M2” key stopped reacting, which was somehow ok, but today the “D#” stopped too. I removed the keys, because I thought that there is maybe some dust… but I couldnt see any dust and I was surprised that there are some kinds of little nipples just under the keys. Anyway I didnt make it to fix anything. Do you have any advice ?

thanks in advance

Try spraying compressed air into the key switches. If that doesn’t help, the keyboard needs to be replaced.

It’s also possible that the ribbon cables that attach the keyboard to the ui board need to be reseated. If the compressed air doesn’t work I’d try that before ordering a new keyboard.

The iFixit website has parts and also instructions for replacing them.

Of course if it’s still under warranty sending it to TE is best.

thanks for the advice… compressed air didnt help. I will try the cable later on, when I ve more time. no more warranty.

Sounds like you may need a new keybed… This unreliability is what made me sell my OP1 last year. Fingers crossed the ribbon fixes it for you.

The same thing happened to me with the 8 key, and I know at least one other person here had the same key go bad. I ended up getting a replacement keyboard from

Till now I didnt manage to do more then using dust spray. The “8” is still not working, but D# all of sudden works, but not all the time… when I press it sometimes sounds 2-3 times in a row (very short) or sometimes I hear nothing and then it works like it supposed to do … so I still wanna try out the thing with the ribbon cables. Otherwise I simply learn scales which does not include D#, coz a new keyboard is too expensive right now :wink: