Velocity of the notes in sequencers

Hi everybody!

I’m thinking of grabbing one of these wonder machines.

I was just thinking that am I able to change the velocity of the notes in the sequencers? Was just thinking if I wanna program some drum beats and make ghost notes, am I able to drop down the velocity of some hits so that they become like ghost notes?


Hi and welcome to the party!
You cannot change velocity on the sequencers but you do have workarounds, namely volume changes, multitrack tape or copying the drums in the sampler and adjusting them. I usually record a beat then layer it again with ghosts and rolls, often on another track to get some stereo spread.
Many users need to accomplish what you seek to do and like most things on the OP-1 there is a way, it might require a slightly different approach.

Don’t let this quirkiness put you off, get yourself an OP-1, there is so many ways of doing so many things, it’s a creative power pack! Seriously get one!

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