Video packs are now all black (except for the 2 default ones)

Can anyone help me? None of my video packs work in the OP-Z app. It’s just a black screen. No amount of button presses or dialling on any of the pages does anything. The two default packs (and photomatic) still work fine so I know it’s not a global issue (like having the brightness down to zero). I am using OP-Z with latest firmware 1.2.31 and an iPad Mini 5th Generation with iOS 14.4 and the OP-Z app with the latest update version 1.2.13.

Note they all worked fine a few months ago, is it an iOS update version issue. Are none of the video packs compatible anymore?

Nevermind I solved this! Make sure that all of your videopak folder names are all in lowercase! My laptop put a capital on all of the first letters of the folder names like “Array” instead of “array”. Fixing this made them work again!

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