Videolab / Shadertoy / Kvant

has anybody gotten shadertoy with some custom shaders off the website (in the wiki) to work? I add it and get one of those awesome shaders, but it all results in pink materials when compiled. any ideas?

secondly: has anyone gotten kvant to work? if I select “wall” and add a mesh to it, it shows only the mesh, not the replicates it is supposed to. also when adding a. material, it just stays black (or only the color of the material). any guidance on this one from an experienced unity / videolab god?

mac, mojave, unity 18.4.2, mac app 1.2., ios 1.2.4.


hm. nobody?


Pink material appears when Unity don’t understand code.
It may be related with:

Toy converts Shadertoy GLSL source code to ShaderLab/cg, and injects the standard Shadertoy uniforms. Some things to note:

  • shader code conversion is naïve
  • no multi pass shadertoys
  • no audio rendering

Below are listed some constructs that cannot be converted automatically. Edit the GLSL text file and re-assign.
… "

Kvant effects require floating-point HDR textures to store animation state. Most of mobile devices don’t fulfill this requirement at the moment.

So I don’t work with these effects)