Vocoder possibilities?

Has anyone figured out if it’s possible to create vocoder effects on vocals on the OP-1? I wanna make vocals like daft punk and I’ve played around with CWO with no luck, any ideas?

There’s a few ideas on doing that but none work to be honest.
I sent TE an email asking for this!
I’d love it as an fx that you could drop on a synth or sampler and choose your input, mic, record in, or radio.
Like the ableton vocoder, it would have the option to follow the keys pitch or stay on a set frequency that could all do be modulated by the LFOs which could be super cool!

you can get some “vocoder”-effects with phone fx, but it´s not as close…

This thread describes a way of getting something kinda vocoder-ish via the LFO.

Alright, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks guys :slight_smile:

could always make a talk box


lol so close to the thread that i just made. phone can get some very vocoder like effects,. however tuning it is nigh impossible… I like using phone on the drum track that way the basss drum forces out a solid synthy note from Phone in time with the bass drum hit. it makes free basslines…

Heh, I also wrote to TE regarding vocoder possibility a while ago. But the idea I had at the time (which I don’t remember now) didn’t work they said.

The op-1 HAS to get a vocoder, it’s just made for it!
PLEASE TE make this happen!