Voice synthesis when travelling with an OP-1 & iOS device

Sometimes when travelling I like to leave my MacBook and Logic Pro X at home, taking only my OP-1, iPad and iPhone.

The main thing I do is to compose and record scratch tracks on the OP-1. When back at base, I will try to import as much of the remotely generated content as possible into Logic rather than re-record it with other instruments or software instruments.

I’ve started experimenting with vocoding actual vocals but also plan on trying some of the text to robotic speech utilities on the Mac. However, my question:

What would be the best way for me to create robotic vocals whilst on the move with my OP-1 or IOS device and bring it into my OP-1 song? Happy to hear of any recommendations. Ideally I’d like to do this by recording/effecting my voice on the OP-1 but happy to hear of iOS utilities inc. text input rather than audio input which work well.

Thanks folks.

There’s probably a vocoder app, but I don’t have one. Waldorf Nave will let you create synthesized vocals with text input (I think their Attack drum synth might have some kind of vocoder, but I haven’t checked it out). You can also enable speech on your iPad in accessibility settings so that when you highlight text, an option in addition to copy and define is speak. Then you can use a notepad or whatever to write out some phrases to be spoken back and then sampled and chopped in the op-1. You can also choose between male and female voices in a variety of accents.

There’s bound to be loads of vocoder apps.

Remember one from years ago it made your voice like T-Pain.