volca sync question

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I couldn’t find it in the thread queue.
Can you use the volca sync with the op-1, similar to the way you can use the pocket operator series?

If so, how do you do this?
Do you just need a y-cable splitter for the input of the 3.5mm record jack?

Thank you!

Hello @grehn.
Yes you need a 3.5mm to Y-splitter.
I use Phonos on the other end ,then appropriate converters as its flexible and the Y cable to phono is common. I have lots,so used one and just separated the two cables along the seam so one reaches Volca and the other up to my mixing desk with a 1/4" converter on the end.

OK, i was able to use the sync that way.
thanks @Spheric_El !

I had some other questions, regarding the way that people typically sync the op-1.
i have my oplab in mode #5, and i’m using the 5th CV output from the op to go into the volca as the sync input.
for whatever reason, i cannot get the op-1 in the correct state in the transport area to either control the transport of the volca, or send sync signal in a way that would indicate the two modules are syncronized. i might be missing something in the setup of the oplab, or maybe the oplab just doesn’t do this!

here is my setup:

op-1 in beat match mode
op-1 usb cable -> oplab usb cable in 1
oplab cv #5 -> volca sync in
oplab switches -> all in down position
oplab illumination -> on for usb cable

funny thing is, I thought I got this to work once, but now it doesn’t.

thanks for any advice!