Volume Automation

Hi OP-1 Fans.

Does anyone have any tips regarding how to do long volume automations? I have a sequence that I want to come to full volume over about 20 or 30 seconds and I’m wondering if there’s a better way than doing it manually.


edit: I should add that I have figured out how to do this using ableton and the midi-LFO, but I really don’t want to rely on ableton here. thanks!

Doing it manually may actually be your best option. There is Shift and Orange for finer fade (in Tape).
Or if less than six secs for your seq ,you could resample from tape, then use the volume envelope with a long attack. Throw blue full right then click it left a few as the loop sequence rises in vol.
Or if resampling is out try the element LFO with blue set to G ,white set to note/speaker and orange set to white. Then fade with a tilt of the synth.

Lego automation FTW! With some adjustable gear reduction you should be able to get a steady and slow turning rate even with a non-speed-controlled motor.

For manual automation (aka LFO Hands) the crank would be useful. If you’re able to fabricobble one with a longer handle (rubber band and ruler?) you’ll get even slower and smoother changes I suppose

Yes excellent.
Crank is great ,even a Lego wheel may be good.
(I love that old vid someone did of all four knobs turning at once on a Dr.Wave seq. due to lego gear. it sounded incredible).

very useful, many thanks!