Want some low-hanging fruit with new OP1 > USB Audio > iPad setup

So what are some things those of who have the OP1, the new OS update, and an iPad really should try?

Ideally, it would be good to try out things that don’t break the OP1 workflow. Stretch it, and open up some new inspiring or useful things from the iPad.

My first thoughts are to start using Koala Sampler, since it is on my phone all the time. And it seems to have a rabid fan base. But I can’t say I know enough about it to say more.


  • Joe

P.S. It’d be better if the new iPad thing I try doesn’t have a humongous learning curve.

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Animoog might be another app which can work quite good. And it works with very old devices as well

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Yep, I like Animoog. Also other Moog synths … Model D and Model 15.

And I think they have analog tones that the OP1 doesn’t deliver super well. Not meant to be a knock on the OP1.

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I’m not sure if this will work. If it has any chance you will need to load it with chrome browser: Montage Organ

I know that Apple doesn’t allow for in browser MIDI for security reasons, but I’m not sure if Chrome has the same restriction.

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I tried using blocs wave with my OP-1, super fun! I can record loops with the OP-1 into blocs wave slots and play them with blocs wave’s drum or bass or fx sounds, and maybe record them back to the OP-1 tape (I’m pretty sure perfect synch can be achieved using Audiobus).
When I’m satisfied with a loop, I can export the stems and import them into AUM to add fx and for further mixing/processing.


I’m thinking for portable scratchpad music creation to keep OP1 Tape as the destination for the song. And using the iPad for more instrumental sounds or for better sample manipulation.

Patterning 2 is another iPad app to call out. My fav drum machine in iOS. But TBH the OP1 drum Finger sequencer remains my favorite ad hoc drummer.

Gotta’ also say the “human” drummers on Garageband are good.

Is anyone having issues connecting to iPad after #243 update? I’m a newb on this device but it seems a myriad of synth apps had little difficulty usually auto detecting the midi in but now I get a second or two of sync audio (in addition to keys) and then it goes silent and I just get the app keys to sync minus the audio. Any suggestions? I was using AudioKit Synth One via USB Apple CCK dongle most recently.

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