Wanted: spare OP-1 keyboard to buy

Hello, does anybody have a spare OP-1 keyboard to sell? One of my keys is defunct (stutters and often doesn’t work at all) so the whole keyboard system needs changing. I know it’s unlikely anyone would have one spare but thought I’d ask just in case. Thanks all

ifixit has htem


Thank you. The keyboard from the EU store is 160 euros so I was hoping I could get one cheaper as that is a whole lot of money!

dang thats crazy thats almost twice as much as the US store wtf?

I have an extra one if still interested

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Yes please, the B note on my keyboard has completely stopped working now.

Let me know what you want for it.

Also interested if this falls through, or if anyone else UK/EU based is selling a replacement keyboard

Me too! I need really fast one for upcoming gigs…thx