Weird Kit / Plug sound problem

Ok, sorry to bother you folks. I’m still new to the op-z so this may have been a user error but its the second time its happened.

I’m working with a clean op-z, no projects (i deleted these after doing a factory reset)

I’m working with the stock sample ‘plugs’ with the exception of the Sampler, I have a recorded a sample on this track.

the problem I have only happens on the KICK track - no matter if i select slot 1, 2, 3 or 4 the first three keys are playing 3 different sounds and they aint the kick drum sounds.

For example - if i select slot 1 (Z-KICKS), slot 2 (TE-KICKS), slot 3 (CUCKOO KICKS) and slot 4 (SEBA KICKS) and press the first, second or third key on the musical keyboard the sound coming through is exactly the same regardless of the PLUG i am selecting.

I’ve also tried to create a new sample pack (slot 6) on the kick track. I get the weird, robotic voice thing as you would expect, but on the first 3 tracks i get the same sounds as I do on the slots with factory PLUGs.

Also, when I press the key (below and to the right of no.5) i get a noise that is continuous and can not be stopped until I turn off the unit. This happens on all SLOTs.

Its not STEP COMPONENTS (I’ve made sure to clear these).

I can not think what i’ve done or am doing. After the first time I reset to Factory and started again, but here I am with the same problem.

Does any one have any thoughts?