Weird Tascam Issue Trying to Record OP-Z


I am having the most peculiar problem trying to recording my OP-Z to a Tascam DR-40. The kick track doesn’t make it into the Tascam. If I plug my headphones directly into the OP-Z, everything works as per usual, but as soon as I come plug the OP-Z out into the LR Stereo input of the tascam, there is zero kick and the snare, hi hat and sample track are audibly lower in volume, compared to synth tracks which are totally unaffected. I am using a standard 2 pole 3.5mm that splits to two mono 1/4 inch cables, cable is brand new and the problem also happens with another 3.5 mm to stereo 1/4 in.

It’d driving me crazy. If I have my headphones plugged in the DR-40 and I just trigger kicks, with the input gain all the way up, I can hear a tiny bit of the top end of the kick. My thought was that perhaps the tascam is filtering the low end out, but the bass synth track comes through just fine and I have turned off all effects and filters in the tascam.

I’d be happy to post audio example.

Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone record their OP-Z into a Tascam? Can you share your settings? Is it perhaps something to do with the OP-Z have a 3pole output jack?

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

It probably has to do with the stereo field, try panning those sounds around.

Turns out it had something to do with the SD card. I took it out and put it back in and worked fine. Super weird.