Wet op-1

ugh… my OP-1 was under a drip in my ceiling!!!

it got wet… then next morning, after I shook all the water out, as it dried out it, made dying noise over and over; a descending, crackly BEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooo

Now it won’t turn on.


Horror story :disappointed:

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If you have access to a dehumidifier, put the OP in a closet of small room and turn up full blast. A good day or so before attempting any restart. Or…bury it in a bag of rice or DampRid that is sold commercially.
That would probably be a longer process. Best of luck!!

After a gadget gets wet, do not switch it on for a week or two. If possible remove the battery ASAP, but that’s harder these days, with sealed-in batteries.

The water itself does no damage until electricity enters the picture. Switching on before completely dry is what kills stuff.

And rice does nothing, IME. A warm corner of the room, and lots of patience is what you need.

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Yeah, the rice think has been debunked in regard to wet smart-phones, so I reckon it’d be useless here as well.

Letting it sit for a week or two really is the best advice. And if you’re comfortable with some DIY, open it up as much as you can first:

If you really want to go all the way, and you’ve already got it open, cleaning the connection points (ribbon cable terminals, etc.) with some alcohol/con tact cleaner wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Water can leave behind impurities (minerals and the like) that encourage oxidation on metal parts and might cause weird behavior later.

At a minimum, I’d do what Mistercharlie recommended, and don’t try to switch it on for a week or two.