What are you guys/gals using to split sync clock to PO?

Ok so I’m getting an Elektron Digitone and also looking at the PO32 & PO33.
I’m going to send Midi from the Digitone to the Arturia Keystep and send sync clock out from the Keystep to the PO’s…
Now because the inputs on the Digitone support dual mono mode (each input has its own pan and volume), I’m thinking it would be cool to send each PO to its own input. That means I need to split the clock sync signal. Now a normal TRS splitter won’t work as only one side of the split will have the sync signal. So I guess I need a mono splitter?
Anyone know where to get one of these?


That is exactly what these do, it allows you to break out the audio whilst still passing the sync through.

I still have a few left, I really need to make a demo video but have not the time at the moment, I will have another batch once these are all gone.

This should do the trick as well:


$10 usd here. https://www.tindie.com/stores/p0k3t0/?ref=offsite_badges&utm_source=sellers_p0k3t0&utm_medium=badges&utm_campaign=badge_medium

been after something like this since i got my first couple of Pocket Operators
it works perfectly, syncs the 4 POs i've got and lets me send the audio of the POs to separate audio channels on the mixer
i ordered it from the UK and it only took 5 days to arrive from the USA

thought maybe some of you would be after something like this too


Thought Id post this up here as well. Little box/case for the splitter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2801220