What are you listening to?

@yoof – listening to hits you made BITD. making / mixing and beats since then?

where you at? what’s your opinion about OP-1 Field? did you get one?

@Lymtronics - Same Question

expectations met?

It’s better in every way. High quality sound for clean tracks, but also at lower tape speeds so your stretched out samples sound better.

Stereo everything. Synths, fx, drums… Holding shift and turning the orange encoder on the tape screen lets you put a sound anywhere you want in the stereo field for that particular track. Pads on one, drums on one, leads on one, all in stereo individually. You could also just record whole pieces on a single track if you wanted, but there are 8 tapes in total that can be recalled in an instant.

The reverb and bitcrusher are very nice.

Connectivity is a breeze with most things. Bluetooth midi with an iPad, audio and midi over usb. It mostly just works and there are very clear setup menus for when it doesn’t.

Oh yeah. They also added merge drop for the tape so you can bounce things down, or drop something over reverb tails that carried over to the next bar. This works with anything in the lift buffer, so it could be a single track or all four. Lift time limits also no longer exist.

Velocity keys and a surprisingly loud and clear internal speaker with a bass port are the icing on the cake.

The synth and drum samplers being stereo also lets you build complex sounds on tape then drop them for stereo playback.