What does a red pattern indicator light mean?


i am pretty new to the TE world and only started exploring the OP-Z a few days ago. so far, i really like the device, though some of the key combos and the detail of manual seems lacking. and yes, i did read the manual and online guides, and yes i did search online too before posting.

in the example projects provided when initializing the device, in project #6 the pattern #5 (bass icon) for some reason the light is red. it is the only pattern that seems to display this way and i can’t figure out what that means. would somebody kindly shed some light on this mystery?

Thank you!

If Im understanding your question, it should mean that there is something programmed into that pattern. A way to test this would be to hit play and listen, then switch to non-red patterns and listen again.

Yeah I always thought of it as an indication that a pattern is in that particular spot/bank maybe unchained? Since the chained patterns turn a brighter color.

When you’re muting channels if you hold shift you mute the channel but keep the send active. So you could for instance send to the reverb but not get any direct signal. I found this I’m with a couple of other features to be a bit buggy tho.

@Doublecoolbossman: thank you for your reply. when you say “programmed into the pattern” what do you mean by that? Like the pattern it is chained?

That’s an interesting idea. it just seems odd they would use the red indicator light for that. but i will test and see if that pattern actually plays.

I think this is beyond my understanding. how do you mute a track like that? i press track + shift and the specific track i want to mute?

Thank you!

So I did some more digging, and in deed the RED pattern is actually not playing in the chain and seems to be just skipped. In all other projects it seems that all patterns are being used, so none of them show up in RED, but all are white.

There still remain a great many mysteries in that device and I find it hard to actually undo something when i messed something up.

Yep :slight_smile: