What is this?

It looks like its the logo from ghostly international https://www.facebook.com/ghostly/


At least we won’t have to wait long to find out…


Ghostly has the same pic on their Instagram. So yeah, must be some sort of collab. Maybe it would be something like when BleepLabs did something with Dam Funk – a Ghostly PO. But probably more realistic to set expectations at some sort of Ghostly branded knob jewels… #joking

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Maybe some Ghostly Plugs?

A collaboration they did last year with analogue.

Maybe OP-Z sound packs?

nice tune …

Wouldn’t mind some new synth engines in the OP-Z…
don’t care much about samples, as you can get everything you need online.
A new PO however would get me MEGApsyched :open_mouth:

It’s most likely a PO-33 ghostly. It turns out in the bit that leaked the oplab module’s price on TE’s website back in February there was also this:

"1053": {
  "color": null,
  "name": "PO-33 ghostly",
  "restrictions": [],
  "prices": {
    "35": {
      "priceReduction": "\u00a3\u00a00.00",
      "showAsOnSale": false,
      "discountPercent": 0,
      "priceBeforeDiscount": "\u00a3\u00a0129.00",
      "price": "\u00a3\u00a0129.00",
      "newProduct": false,
      "priceAsNumber": 129

(thanks @mwilliams)

PO-33 ghostly…just a 33 with different factory samples?
my GAS wants more than that!

maybe with different effects?

…that was my next thought too, but I don’t think the processing power of the PO would allow for “real” effects, like a phaser or something.
But let’s hope for the best! I am certainly curious

google brought me to this site…I have no clue, if this price comparison is right. but judging from it the new PO “could” be 139 or 149$ :frowning:

and the price is 135 $. wich is a lot more than for the PO 33 Ko ( 89 $ ).

I wonder how TE will justify that price increase, if it is really true. A better processor capable of more than 4 voices would be a way to do that.

One thing that is almost certain to change: the display graphics.

rumble pack for the op-z. heptic feedback on the wrist to enhance low end frequencies when wearing headphones.

https://www.engadget.com/amp/2017/01/19/teenage-engineerings-basslet/?fbclid=IwAR0kAn-kfSpdPtPhPuz1hPQaNaj-gKG4PAjcPEBfu3th4SkljWa-obL9bRYrumble pack

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Look at all those outputs

Maybe its a bundle. Po33 and a special case? That would explaine the price?

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lol, funny