What is your OP-Z battery usage?


Good to know.
I’ll make sure to have the tools needed to remove the heatsink and thermal paste from the battery as well.


My fifth OP-Z after the purchase:

  1. update to 1.1.27
  2. changed battery

Battery was after 3 hours charged to 77 %!

I removed battery, then i returned back and OP-Z displayed 100% charged.

Is this normal?


Fifth OP-Z!? How come?


Yes I’m interested in this also… I’m currently on my second opz, I only purchased three weeks ago. Sweetwater just replaced my other one because I had a faulty output, i’m assuming. every now and then it would freeze when I turned it on and make a real loud buzzing noise. ultimately I think I sold my op1 last year because I assumed eventually I was going to end up breaking it. Hope that’s not the case with the opz?


1 piece: bad battery - max charged 77%.
2 piece: some “sq keys” were “fails”.
3 piece: some “sq keys” were “fails”.
4 piece: knob number 2 was broken
5. piece: bad battery - max charged 77%. When i removed battery and put it back capacity is now OK…