What to do with 2 OP-1's!

Hey yall, my cat knocked my OP-1 on the ground, and the red and white knobs have been weird ever since - they will freeze up and no longer make adjustments until I reboot…

I had planned on waiting until it got so bad I couldn’t use it, before I sent in for repair, and imagined that I had a while before that day, but today I found I have to reboot every few minutes in order to use those knobs, and of course I have a gig on sunday, and am going home for a visit in a couple weeks, and really wanted my op-1 for that trip, so don’t really want to send it out yet…!

I believer that I will be buying another tonight, that I might send the old one out for repair without losing any play-time… once it’s back, sell one of them and probably take a loss, but at least it will have been a smooth transition (I hope!)

I will probably hang onto BOTH of them for a little bit after the repair, and am now wondering what cool stuff would you do if you had 2 op-1’s?!?! I’ve seen that guy who had 3 on the rack, and of course I could improve their polyphony for kicks, but will entertain any odd ideas about effects chains or whatever that people may like tested out!



I personally can’t imagine a good use case for two OP-1. I love the stand-alone concept and compactness of it, no wires hanging around. Keeping one in the locker is not that good either, as battery and display degrades even when you’re not using it.

Maybe give the older one to your cat to play around with. You may get some cool sketches… :smiley:

you could run two effects at the same time

one effect on the first OP-1 then audio out going to mic in of 2nd OP-1 than add effects to that.
with a splitter you could maybe get some crazy feedback loop shit going on .

Well, for starters you could run pattern sequencer with drums on one device and sequencer with something else on another, meaning you could live-tweak both, plus run two tapes. (The second tape could be used for granular-like stuff or other weird FX.)

You could crank up the drive and get distortion on leads (on one device), but not everything else (on another device).

You could try any FX with delay AND reverb.

You could use “microphone” input in Element LFO with the output of the second OP-1.

This makes me wish I did full arrangements on it, rather than the sketches and experiments I mainly do…! Will report back here with any cool stuff I may discover, thanks for the ideas!

Ive always pictured the perfect Mix to be 3 Op1’s/ One making the audio. One Effecting the audio. THe last one Being the master Looper/recorder. I would happily replace one of those three op1’s with another instruemnt.

I have two.
2 Tapes is a trip.Bounce with effects/tricks/Eq-really easy.Two screens open like two monitors.Tweak both seq and tape or effects.It makes multi effects easy.Multi tracking external gear…
But having twice as much memory space for seqs and tape is really good .
Best 2nd synth for OP1 is another .
Being able to oscillate each one when I leave for a train journey or trip to cafe.Can let ideas sit and try something else.
Don’t use them together that often,but its a trip.

You can do almost anything with an OP-1. Discovering its absolute limits takes some real creativity.
Two Op-1’s open up a portal that will transport a DJ out of this space/time continuum into a dimension of infinite possibility.

I can see the benefits of 12 minutes of tape, extra FX, extra tracks, Using one for drums, the other for everything else, etc etc.

The question I have is, do those benefits outweigh the fuss?
For instance, I’d probably want to bring along a small line mixer like a Rolls MX22A with a LiIon battery pack to remain battery powered.

I dunno. Two OP-1s sounds like a lot of fun on paper, but I think it becomes a new experience that detracts from the magic and intention of a single OP-1 rather than multiplies it.
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Been thinking about a second OP1 for live use. Just figured out how to half the tape speed and get twice the tape length, but the quality is noticibly lower. It would be awesome to sync two OP1s to simply have twice the amount of tracks. This would be great for use as a sketch pad. Instead of having to copy paste and overdub, you have the extra tracks. You could then move both tapes to daw and have it all separated. You could do FX chains, bounce back and forth between the machines. Lots of fun to be had with two.

check this guy out :slight_smile: 4 op1s


It’s great for bouncing track with FX an tricks.
No need to sync midi or use a mixer.One mini Jack out to in,then monitor on your master OP-1. The tapes and seq’s sync constant. Just hit play in time. Adjust Blue on Tape to nudge beat ahead or back. It’s like having 2 turntables.
Extra sequencers memory and synth user slots.
Battery rules with OP1 too.
Yes one OP1 does enough but two ,well its a personal choice.

check this guy out :) 4 op1s


Dude is nuts! :slight_smile:

I’m strongly considering a 2nd OP-1, but I would have to incorporate a small Rolls battery powered mixer like an MX44s or MX56c. Chaining them, like Steezo, puts 12 of the available 16 tracks in mono and i feel OP-1 already suffers enough from the stereo to mono summing.

I like the idea of having stereo drums and atmospheres on one OP-1 and synth and bass on the second. That way when i engage the bovine flatulence it isn’t farting all over my kick drums. :smiley:

I have 2 and plan to get a 3rd at some point, @instantjuggler has 3 and the stand and wrote some stuff about how he uses them here https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/22283/#Comment_22283

Thanks, @darenager
Looking at these stands, I would love to see a wedge like stand (a single 30 degree incline) for two OP-1s that could be screwed into the strap hole threads underneath, joining the two OP-1s as if they were one physical unit. Now i’m dreaming :slight_smile:

@AdamJay - you can download the .stl file from TE and edit it to your taste then get it printed at a print hub :slight_smile: I am tempted to get a stand printed but here in the UK I’d be looking at almost £200 for nylon, at those prices I might be able to get alu and powder coated.

Oh nice, good to know. I think i’ll do just that. Might even design a little two pronged fork button pusher accessory that is the exact distance between identical buttons across two OP-1s in such a stand. Physical sync of start, rec, brake, reverse, M1/M2, etc.
Going to have to liquidate some bicycle things to make room in the wallet for a 2nd OP-1 first.

Thats a great idea! The 2 OP-1s when set to same tempo will not drift apart, the sync is very tight, I mostly use an Oplab to sync them, but it is mot necessary unless you want to sync with other gear too.

I have often dreamed about having 3 op-1’s, 1 turntable, and a djm-900. I could put together a really fun live hip hop set with that.