Where are all the op-zs and the po's?

Hi there !
Wondering if TE are cooking something.
Number of PO’s are not available and on backorder, same for the OP-Z, with that rebate during Black Friday. At least here in Europe.
Is there something coming ? Just to keep the rumor mill turning :slight_smile:


Pricing is back to normal on the TE site. However, there are a few retailers with big discounts right now.

For example, BH is offering the OP-Z, TE padded case, grip knob set, and all three modules for like $850. That’s a pretty awesome deal.

The OP-Z itself is $499 in a few places yet.

I’m confident we’ll see an OP-Z field or some version of a successor in 2023, but for now, the original remains an awesome sequencer.

pretty sure i read somewhere that they said it was mainly due to chip shortages that so many are facing

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Does anybody know why the price of the OP-Z went down to $499 for awhile and then jumped back up to $649? What the hell is going on with TE?

It was a sale price? What’s strange about that? Why does everything TE do have to be interpreted so dramatically??


Nothing dramatic about my post. I am just wondering why I’ve seen the price of the OP-Z change 3 times in the last year… And maybe i missed it, but I did not see any mention of a sale…

When I saw the reduced price on the TE web store it followed all their other sale price conventions- normal price crossed out, -20% written on the listing and then the new price.

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Thank you for your invaluable input… I will try not to be so dramatic with my interpretations in the future!

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If you consider the term “what the hell” as dramatic we are living different worlds


haha i’m just having a laugh man, no worries!

different worlds maybe, if that’s how you wanna think about it.

you and yourself might be living in different worlds, two posts apart :rofl:


That one must be pretty severe, it takes a lot of struggle to get your hands on a Po. I was luck enough to find a PO-30 super set. Just bought it :slight_smile:


Just found out that a local online retailer here in Italy lists all po as available from September!!



Just bought a PO-20. Been trying to get one for ages. So good there back in stock. It’s my first PO.