Where to buy Op-1?

There appears to be a backorder in some of the usual outlets. Other than Ebay (and this place),
where are some places/websites/forums You can go to find some Op-1’s??? Thanks.

I’ve been looking for a new one since before Christmas. They’re out of stock even on TE’s website. So I honestly don’t believe you’ll find a new one for quite a while, until TE get new stock. I reckon it will be a few months. That said Juno.co.uk got 3 units, 2 weeks back. They sold within 20mins though.

There are a couple on http://www.reverb.com right now…people are definitely charging more than they should for used ones though because they are so hard to find.

TE just said in their AMA that they expect new OP-1 stock to hit stores around March 2017 so not too long to wait now. Although I appreciate how frustrating it is :frowning:

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Is anyone looking for a new OP-1 from stock in the UK? If so, I may have the answer.


Spill the beans.

I bought mine on Amazon.de at certain days the price of the op-1 drops to about as low as 654 euros. It’s a glitch in the dynamic pricing system from amazon. You can track the prices with keepa… it took for about a month before it was delivered.

K folks - I was in Dawsons Music in Belfast on Friday and saw one in their glass case. It was out of its original packaging and sitting on top of it, with a £749 price sticker.

I asked and was told it was their demo device and not for sale. However, they also told me they have one left for sale in their Liverpool branch.

On your marks… And good luck.


Cheers for the info. Waiting for them to call me back. They’re having a look in the stock room, as they’re showing 1 new unit in stock, but they’re trying to locate it.

Edit. Just had a call back. They don’t have 1 in stock. He told me they’re getting 2 in stock Monday week. But I don’t eckon they are. Probably just a ploy to get a deposit then keep telling you the date has been pushed back.

Offer them real cash in person ,if you can. One unboxed display in Manchester. Liverpools has been out in public, stuck to a “hands on” post.

Here is the unit currently in the Dawsons Belfast branch.


I just bought mine from oladj.com (20euro shipping from Cyprus).

Thanks heaps for the tip adeser!
Just bought one from them as well
Last one it seems, sorry folks :stuck_out_tongue: