Where to order OP-1F

I am looking to order the OP-1 Field but wonder if it is ok to order directly from TE or order from another place in the US.
I’ve ordered stuff from Sweetwater before (but they no longer sell TE stuff) including the OP-Z I am now looking to sell, as well as BHPV. Also considering Patchwerks.
Any thoughts are appreciated!


I’d say you’d get it quickest from TE currently, but if any other retailers offer bonuses like better warranties, that could be worth considering. If you don’t need it NOW.

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I’m just cancelling my order from a UK supplier who - when the order was placed - estimated delivery in early August. They are now telling me it will be November so I’ll cancel the order and place another directly with TE.

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[Edit: they’ve now sold out - hopefully anyone here who was wanting one, managed to get one]

US based peeps can get them from Control Voltage currently: Teenage Engineering OP-1 field - Control Voltage

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for those in the UK I’d always use Andertons above any other company.

Got mine within ten days of re-ordering from TE.