Who is the Akai MPC for? Who is it NOT good for?

I owned a Force, which in many ways is like the new MPC range. While I thought many of its feature are cool and I agree with the sentiment, that you get a lot for your money…ultimately the workflow is where I quit. I really didn’t like the use of the touchscreen at all. The synths while sounding good, didn’t inspire me…
After using the OP-Z with its streamlined workflow I am very picky about other devices when it comes to workflow. For me the modern MPCs are not the way to go.
Got an Octatrack instead and it’s exactly what I needed!

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I’ve previously owned a Force, Live and One.

Had absolutely no problems with the touch screen and enjoyed the workflow and UI. But I hated the synths and most of the FX. Seems to be the exact opposite experience to many others.

And as someone that loves to work solely within 1 box that was a major disappointment.

But there’s so many incredible features that I’m having to rethink my incoming setup. My just have to rely on external fx and pedals with midi controls.