I was wondering if there’s a wiki where we could dump the info from all the threads and posts that describe the OP-1 features and tricks. While the search function of this forum/BB is not too bad I’m too lazy to sift through 50 odd results just to find that post which outlines e.g. the intricacies of the Grid effect.

Maybe even a single forum thread with the initial post being used as an
evolving index into the posts in other discussions would work too. But
it would limit editing to the original poster and the admins.

What do you fellow OPs think? Or is there already anything like this that I’m not aware of? (The “Tips and tricks” thread does not count as the signal to noise ratio is IMHO suboptimal and I’m thinking of something with more of a structure).

This could end up being an invaluable resource. I know I still have lots of questions a year after purchasing… and as fun as it is to search around for tidbits, it’d be great to have such information in an organized format.

A wiki sounds like a good idea. How do we make it happen?

I second the wiki idea. I remember looking for alternative cases (before the recent “Cases” thread) and stumbling upon several unrelated posts with the word “case” in it. So yeah, how can we help?

i think there have been three wikis for the op1 now? they come and go and nobody uses them/contributes. This website is the only place for OP1 info. and sadly its the third iteration of the website. we have lost all the data multiple times. so alot of what you find is only recent questions and not the ones from way back when. which are gone forever. morale of the story just ask questions in a simple way that are easy to search for in the future(buzz words) plenty of active users to help. I realize it isnt ideal but its were we are at. I think there are prolly some wiki’s still up but i dont remeber were they are. in reality this website could use a refresh and a good admin/mod team. they could put everything in a Nice format. this website is bland. as was the old one.

Yeah, I actually tried creating a wiki a while back, but as @masterofstuff124 said, it didn’t really take off. I would love to see one succeed, as I think wiki’s are useful resources, but I guess we all just like chatting instead :slight_smile:

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who was the person who created that analysis of every synth on the OP-1? That website would be a good start for the creation of a wiki… I’d be happy to contribute as well.

That’s @raigan’s site I think

So, mixed responses. Does anyone know the admin of this site? Maybe we can convince her/him to set up a wiki alongside the forum as a trial. If it takes off, good, if not, just scrap it.

@yoof, do you still have a backup of the mediawiki site that once was? we could try rebooting it if there’s renewed interest? last time, I don’t think anybody else made edits besides @yoof and me… I agree that it would be a great way to organize all the knowledge that this forum has.

I really want to revisit OP-101 sometime since I’ve learnt a lot since then (so much wrong/confused information on there… alas). No time lately :confused: