Win an Elektron A4

OK, I know that the more people know about this, the less I have chances to win, but I couldn’t resist :

Elektron counldn’t say clearly in the rules if there was an A4 a day, or if there is only one to win…
But it’s just completely crazy how fast the guys are to give a plausible answer !!!
I mean :
"- Elektronauts, here is a very hard challenge, be ready : I give you this 4 seconds of distored sound, and YOU have to try to find the exact timing of the right video among the infinity of internet that…
- GOT IT SIR !!"

How hard should the riddle be ?
The riddle I can’t get is what is there to win for Elektron in such contest.
For “LFO the movie”, the buzz was needed for launching the VOD, but here I cannot seem to see what this is about.

Any clue ?

Well, I have set my alarm clock for 5am all week. Was up this morning when it was posted and was pretty close! I think they are giving away an A4 for each riddle solved. Looks like todays was solved in a matter of minutes, so they might step up the difficulty for tomorrow. There isn’t even a thread over at Elektronauts about this! Lets keep it on the low here peep. Daddy needs a new A4, lets keep the competition to a minimum!

Oh yes, they say they will keep giving less distorted audio until someone get it. So lets see if they have a new puzzle tomorrow, or a clearer clue.

I looked at the rules of the contest posted on their site. There is only one A4 that will be won. So if they post something clearer tomorrow, then that must mean everyone was wrong. I would hope they make it hard enough that people don’t get it on the first day. We will have to wait and see.

Thanks @CGF I read the rules yesterday, but I also messaged them a question on eBay and they said they updated the rules since so I must have missed that.

Just peeped the new rules, there it is very clear now. One winner. The way it was worded before I thought they would give one out each day, Or hold one over if no one got it right.

I also see they changed the span of the time index to be 3 seconds instead of 10.

Looks like someone won it yesterday. That was quick. Not sure of the methods of the winner to track it down so quickly. I guess it shows the lengths someone would go to for a free A4!

ya, I was actually only a few answers away. They changed the rules for the time index to be within 3 seconds instead pf 10 though, so I might have been wrong anyways. Still was fun playing the game and having a chance! So close!

Same here, i was very close as well, but a little too late…
I wouldn’t like to be in the skin of the first guy to answer, after all he did 97% of the job…

Ya I feel bad for him, thought he won. But think he was off by a couple seconds. I know they changed the time stamp pad from 10 seconds to 3 seconds so that would piss me off even more. Oh well, they told me on twitter next time they will make it harder, lesson learned.

I think they should have taken whatever song, make it blur with each Elektron for instance, then remove one layer a day. Their choice was far too easy, plus the video of a4 is so good that once you’ve watched it, you cannot forget it :smiley:
And most of all, they should have accepted only responses by mail. So that one cannot cheat on previous answer :wink:
They really underestimate a crowd of greedy Elektronauts !

And the winner is…

not gonna lie, really wanted to win that A4 lol.