Wish for quantize seq

I wonder if we’ll have one last os update?
I’ve dreamed up a quantize sequencer that would end any wants for me.

It’s like sketch, but recorded into live.
BLUE: scale/speed and hold/start
Off,1/5 bar - 8 bars
GREEN: draw X range
WHITE: draw Y range
RED: quantize off, interative 1, interative 2, total
Shake to empty sequencer.

If shift functions then add a write option for Red, a delete note and note off/length quantize and separate Blues hold/start and scale/speed function.

Yeh why not :relaxed:

Oh yes - overdubs avaliable, just hold shift.

Thinking about it some more would probably require shift in order to set the draw points start location properly and sacrifice note length. Maybe move delete note over to Red.

The quantize would be none destructive unless shift&red is used to write.

I too would love a quantization feature but with the tape feature being central it kinda seems against the spirit of the OP-1.