Wooden OP-1 Travel Case Prototype

Hello fellow OP-1 enthusiasts.

Just wanted to show you guys a wooden travel case prototype I have made for my OP-1:


I used neodymium magnets to secure the lid, along with wooden dowel ‘keys’ to ensure the lid wouldn’t slide off during transit. Also, I recessed the rubber feet of the OP-1 into the wood and it is VERY secure. No side to side movement whatsoever, and it’s still suspended to allow the rubber to take any initial impact force.


Some more ideas I have are to route some chunks from the lid for 1/8" cable storage, as well as adding an angle to the top lid so that you can prop the OP-1 up at a nice working angle (maaaaybe even dowels to hold the lid in place when placed under the bottom as the 'stand)

The current prototype is just simple plywood, but I intend to complete the final case from either Spalted or Flamed maple.


Nice but if that lid gets a knock from the side those knobs are going to get a battering, no?

^yea that would be my main concern honestly.

The encoders are recessed about 0.125in. from the lid, and the way I carry it around in my bag doesn’t lend itself to having small pointy objects come near them. (fits perfect inside the bottom of a Mono Fader bag)

I believe they mean that if it gets knocked from the side of the case, not the top. The encoders would take the majority of the energy as the OP-1 tries to slide toward the cable in the box

^ yup, if the lid gets knocked sideways off the bottom of the box the knobs will take the impact.

The TE elastic bands might stop this happening, or you could think about making a sleeve for this box to go in?

Ahhh I see now. Shearing force on the sides of the encoders. I find the dowel keys hold it very firmly in place (being wooden), but maybe a few more for safety concerns wouldn’t hurt the look too much. The holes are reamed out larger than they appear so there’s definitely no pressure on the encoders WITHOUT incident. Thanks for the comments guys. Really appreciated.


The little breathing holes for the knobs are a charming idea–plus the punches of color it provides.


Sooooo more pizza, less French fry?

Your case is going to destroy your OP1, if the lid is not attached to the base. You will rip you knobs off.

I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m a scientist, and I teach physics. Make sure your lid is attached to the bottom, or you will suffer.

Otherwise, it looks great! Best of luck and I hope everything goes great!!!

That’s right— I teach physics. And they call me Dr. Awesome.

I believe we have clarified this glaring issue Mr. Physics, but thanks for reiterating it for the 4th time in the thread.

Ahah +1 for @picoVolt !!