Workflow Advice

Hello everyone, I’m a new owner of the OP-1, first post, thanks for having me.

I spent my teenage years (way back in the 90’s) in the analog world (Tascam 4 track) recording music with my various bands. Flash forward to 2014 and I’ve decided to jump into the digital recording world and I need some advice on workflow with the OP-1.

I wanna use Garageband on my Macbook for basic tracking of instruments (vocals, guitar, bass), BUT I’d like to rely on the OP-1 to be my secret weapon in terms of creating backing tracks (drums, synths, samples etc). Obviously as I get more comfortable with the OP-1 I’ll branch out and get more into more advanced uses.

Forgive my ignorance, but is it fairly easy to take my final work on the OP-1 and dump it into a garageband timeline to then add my vocals, guitars etc? I understand that I won’t be able to edit anything from the OP-1 once it’s incorporated into the DAW, but that’s fine with me (like my analog days, once it’s laid down that’s it).

Any basic advice or do’s and don’ts would be really appreciated! I cannot wait to dive into the device, which is hidden in a drawer until Christmas so my girlfriend doesn’t freak out about me spending money on myself!



you can record from the OP-1’s output into Garageband or you can mount the OP-1 as a drive and take the tape tracks off it to drop into Garageband one by one.

Exactly what I was hoping. Thank you very much KrisM!

oh, and you can record to Album and pull those off just like the Tape tracks, if you want to apply Master FX and have a stereo file of the recording w/ out recording into Garageband (and bypassing some possible noise issues).

Aaaah, I see, that makes sense. Thanks again, I’m sure I’ll have more questions once I actually unbox this thing! Cannot wait.