[WTS/WTT] [UK/EU] OP-Z w/ roll-up bag in hand for sale/for trade (OP-1)


Hey everyone,

I’m actually based in Japan usually but will be in the UK for the next week or two. My OP-Z/Rollup bag just came in and I changed my mind between pre-ordering and the bundle arriving, so looking to sell it or trade for another OP-1 in semi-decent condition.

It’s on Reverb for £670 now: https://reverb.com/uk/item/17530501-teenage-engineering-op-z-2018-gray-with-roll-up-bag-offers-welcome if you want to just outright buy it, otherwise you can PM me here. I should be able to get it sent same day for most cases if you’re in a rush!

If you’re in Japan/this side of the world, I’ll be back the week after the next :slight_smile:



Can’t seem to register on Reverb, but I’m interested if you still have it.