You guys seen this?!


What’s that, some kind of TE coffee table book? Nice sketches!

Oh stop!!! WowowowowowoW!!!

I almost creamed. This is wet dream worthy. A long time ago in this galaxy I mentioned about the OP-1 having the ability to produce WOW & FLUTTER. The 4 knobs at the top of the OP-1 could be for wow rate & wow depth… flutter rate & flutter depth… respectively.

Maybe @vehka has made a affirmative guesstimate. This could be a mock up of ideas from that thread, probably not though, it’s more than likely from their creative brilliance.

Lastly, I’d like to say that the WOW & FLUTTER are incredible tools for lo-fi beats - they can make anything wonky and irregular and go from subtle to extreme. I use this plugin all the time. It is easily my favourite. If they ever did make something like this I would easily pick up an OP-1 again. Fact.

Here’s a snap of the J37…

Holy Guacamole!!! This plugin is now $29. Wow! I’m all in a Flutter!

Apparently the photos are from “Push, Turn Move”; a book about “interface design in electronic music”. By all accounts the pictures are early function ideas for the OP-1 that were otherwise scrapped for one reason or another.

It looks like a great book but for 89 US dollars, the pricing is a little above my coffee-table book budget…

(And yeah, wow and flutter would be a fantastic addition to the OP-1)

More info here:

Wow, gorgeus designs! Very inspiring. I wish the OP-1 had all that in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Enter code to erase tape? Glad they tossed that idea out

@MirEko I began wondering where you got that picture from? Are there more of those graphics in the book, or do you have a better photo of that page? Some of the screens are hard to see.

I’d like to buy the book but it’s pretty pricey and I didn’t find an eBook/PDF version anywhere. Oh well, I might buy it anyway since it seems quite interesting.

@wavi there’s about one page or so on the OP1. the book collects all kinds of interfaces, it’s a strange flavour of musical instrument UI porn :slight_smile: but good.