Zed // 0-Coast // IPad love affair

Thoroughly satisfied by the way Zed handles sequencing gear with MIDI or CV. Im not sure a lot of folks understand what a nightmare that sort of thing can be. Zed performs As Advertised, allowing me to compose on the go and quickly flesh the sound out onceI get home to the Rig. Quick Question: I know the Z cant generate Program Change messages, But can it record them and then play them back? Has anybody tried that?

I don’t think op-z can record program change messages in a performance.

I was able to use op-z to trigger pattern changes in sync with the Octatrack via program change messages on midi channel 1. This works pretty well with electron gear. However, I don’t think you can do much with program change messages on the op-z other than triggering them by changing a pattern and having other gear listen for this.

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Right on, thats pretty much what I thought… its a bummer because they can be very useful. I can work around though.