0-Coast + OP-Z + OPlab module +?

I know this question gets asked in many forums, but since I think many people here own the exact setup in the title I’ll ask it.

What would you add to this setup?
What would you add first if you had $450-500 to expand
How do you use this setup and how did you expand?

I also own the metal series pocket operators.
My thoughts are of course getting the Make Noise Maths, getting either an MS 70CDR or a Mimeophone (which I can’t afford now, if I get Maths)…Or should I just get a Mimeophone and no Maths, as I really like the Mimeophones sounds?

I have a Maths and it’s an essential module if you are building a Eurorack system. But it definitely requires a Eurorack power supply and case, which will eat into your budget.

I would also say an Arturia Keystep or Korg SQ-1 if you are looking for some kind of MIDI to CV utility.

Finally, the $29 Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is awesome for connecting your iPhone and OP-Z over USB.

Or, fight the capitalist system and don’t buy anything!

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Thanks for your answer!

But if I already have the OPlab module, I wouldn’t really benefit another sequencer like the beatstep or SQ-1, right?

Yeah the Lightning adapter seems to be really useful, I agree.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I have the SQ-1 and slave it to the OP-Z 's clock in larger patch scenarios… but yes, you can get a lot of mileage out of the OPLab. You will need two stereo breakout cables to use the OPLab’s dual output CV connections.

agreed, breakout cables will be necessary to make most of it.

I would say you can always benefit from more CV-sources. The CV-in of the 0-coast’s oscillator isn’t the only thing you could sequence in interesting ways :slight_smile:
But of course with CV2+3 of the oplab and parameter locks you already have lots of possibilities.

hey…instead of Maths you could also go for Function from MakeNoise…it´s not Maths but kind of a half Maths. So save some Dollars for other Modules/Stuff…
On the other hand i think if you have the 0-Coast you already have some functions of Maths/Function…

Have you used both of them?
From what I’ve heard Function seems to be less than 1/2 a maths, which makes it seem like a worse deal in the end. But I’d love to hear some opposing opinions to why that isn’t the case. (I like saving money :slight_smile: )

exactly, hopefully not gonna run out of CV too quick. I’m looking forward to the journey of modular!

… of course it is less than a maths. for me it was also about HP…and budget.
and like i said before…a 0-Coast (i also have one…) has already some of the functions that Maths has (but Function doesn´t have…)
It also depends if you have already some Eurorack stuff…otherwise you will need some more bucks to be happy with modules…:slightly_smiling_face:
i think you can´t go wrong with a Maths for sure, but there are so many other modules to choose from…
Since you also got the 0-Coast…the Keystep is really a good piece of gear that you can use for various stuff. (for the Keystep you´ll need the USB-Lightning Adapter)

So far…hard to answer your question…:thinking:

I thank you for your help…I will have another look at the function, that’s for sure :wink:
I wouldn’t mind some more budget for some fancy stuff.

PS: Would you buy the 0-Coast again? What do you mainly use it for.

Yes, it’s crazy fun. It was my gateway drug into building a regular Eurorack system. It makes really fun basslines, but sometimes I just hang out and self patch it by itself, like this. If you were ever interested in Eurorack but don’t want to front a thousand dollars to get started, the 0-Coast gives so much functionality in single unit.

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Would you buy the 0-Coast again?

Yes i think so…it is a great piece of gear to explore the eurorack-world because it works for itself but you can combine it also with other gear. it is “what you see is what you get”…
the only thing in did not like was the menue-diving for arpeggiator and other hidden controls…
I use it for basslines and any other sounds you can squeeze out of it :wink:

But there are many posts about the 0-Coast on muffwiggler and co. so i would not go too deep now…
Good partner for the OP-Z anyway…:star_struck:

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Two suggestions:

  • keep the dough and squeeze everything you can out of your setup. Expanding for me has generally lead to underusing the gear I already have.
  • If you must spend, then go for MiRack on and iPad (you might even already own one…) and a DC coupled usb interface (https://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/siwacompatibility.html) though those interfaces are expensive, you can experiment all you want with over 500 modules while taking up no space, extra money and have presets and backups.

bonus: if you do not intend on using 0 Coast as a gateway drug into modular, consider a PreenFM2 and a nice effect pedal (MS70 or newer Zoom, Eventide) and/or an effect/performance mixer like Roland MX-1

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Thanks for your Tips!

It makes sense to me…I couldn’t expand at a super fast rate anyway due to budget restraints.
MS 70 is basically on my list!

I myself don’t have an iPad and I don’t think I would enjoy the process of making music on it too much.
I even thought about getting a MOTU interface for my computer. But that would be supported by the reason I also want to record vocals.
When it comes to making music though I somehow don’t gel with computers or iPads. I even had a Push 2 until recently, but I just didn’t use it, because after all I am sitting in front of the computer.
The type of interface is very important to me when it comes to enjoying making music.
That’s why I am eyeing up a small modular system (Intellijel Palette) that I can easily carry through the house…and an OP-1 at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the Tips though!