1.2.8 and AUM

The new USB monitoring function is great! Now I can use my ipad or iphone to play along the opz. I use AUM to route a few tracks of sequences or drum track along the opz track. What I can‘t get is how I record the whole thing then, as I am getting phasing feedback if I try to give the opz an own track in AUM.

Any suggestions?

I have the same feedback issue when monitoring through the op-z; can’t record that way.
The way I record and listen to the op-z through AUM is to load the op-z as an audio channel in AUM, and plug my headphones into the iPad. I turn the volume all the way down in the op-z itself so it doesn’t make external noise. The usb connection handles volume within AUM, and I can apply effects apps as well.
But I have to unplug and re-plug the headphones to get AUM to route audio out to them.
Not sure how I’d do it on an iPad or iPhone without a headphone jack.