1.5.7 Op-1F

New firmware out.

" 1.5.7. 2024.05.08

  • USB audio enumeration fixes (solves audio exchange with OP-Z and more) "

Does anyone know if the Op-z will be able to sample in from op-1 via usb now?



Thanks for the update!

By coincidence I emailed them just yesterday about how USB audio works between OP-1F & OP-Z on FW 1.5.0 and earlier, but not on FW 1.5.6. I assume they fixed it and you can once again sample/stream audio between the two via USB. The only problem is I can’t confirm it at the moment because I don’t have a USB-C to USB-C cable with me.


Doesn’t look like the update is available yet in the update utility

It’s not in the update utility but I just manually updated with the firmware file you can download here: downloads OP–1 field

  1. Hold COM while booting up
  2. Press 1
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen (connect to computer via USB, put FW into empty folder, eject drive, wait for OP-1 to do the rest).

Have you tried it yet?

Yep, USB audio works well between them now. You have to watch out for feedback between the devices and MIDI syncing is still imperfect, but it meets my needs personally.

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Looking at this (hopefully) as another sign we might get an updated OP-Z soon