10 Years of OP1!

that should bring us a huge update as we‘re halfway through its estimated lifespan! :100:


Excited about what may be in store for a possible FW update because of this. It feels like it has been a while since we had a major update.

I like those anniversary shirts but was a bit put off by the $50. Not to mention that if you want to upgrade to long sleeves it is $100.

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I’m put off by the $1121. I just bought another op-1 right before this. Oh well, that’s the game.

an update would be so nice, only wish I have is pattern with longer patterns. like 32, 64 and 128 steps… sigh

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Nice to see some forum guys represented on the anniversary madeonop1 section, like @flybry @Grumpysnorlax and @Virtual_Flannel, probably some others as well I dont remember.


Indeed :slight_smile:

TE just forgot one HUGE thing in this list: the 73 OP-1 community battles!!!
Isn’t it some rather unique aspect?

@ONE you might also want to add this collab between 12 operators:


That one was fun!


Reminds me I still have one collab project waiting somewhere!
Damn I slept on this like forever! Again :dizzy_face:

An update would be great! my dream would be some sort of scale quantizer, it would add so many creative possibilities.

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Happy birthday OP-1! :tada:
I really only want one update: the ability to rename / delete snapshots.


Or generated patch names :nerd_face:
Patch management would be very useful, especially for those of us that can’t mount Op-1 (or Z) to content mode on macOS anymore, update mode works though

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Damn! Which OS prevents this? Catalina? I just upgraded, maybe it’s still time to go backwards :anguished:

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Yes the latest :slightly_frowning_face: I have to prepare samples and put them on usb memory and boot windows to be able to get access to disk mode. I asked TE about it and the reply I got was to send them in for repair with no explanation to why

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Must be Big Sur then: I have just checked on Catalina, it works.
OP-1 is sometimes temperamental with USB connection, though. You might want to check this further, with different USB ports and cables…

Anyway, back to the subject, sorry for the off topic discussion.

Been ages since I’ve logged in here, but just wanted to say how much I appreciate TE including me in this list! Hope all the OPfam have been taking care!


Nice to be here again! Happy Anniversary, Teenage Engineering!! :birthday: :sparkler: :trophy:

I couldn’t agree more!

Yeah! Damn I didn’t remember that the end result was so dope! :grin:


I haven’t been here for a while ! Happy 10years OP1. Completely missed the TE beat contest, I was living in another world.
Anyway, I have such good memories of the past battles ! @mixrasta @vehka @LyingDalai XIIOP was dope for sure !