100% OP-Z Album: Better Than Pink Floyd's The Wall

Hey guys,

I made an album better than Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors using just the Op-Z: Stream Oshawa Techno | Listen to Welcome To Oshawa playlist online for free on SoundCloud


Fun stuff!

haha i love the confidence of this statement - excellent music as well, lots of fun, bumpin’

only $1000 on bandcamp for the album!

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Thanks, I tried to make it $1,000,000 but they wouldn’t allow it. They’re always screwing us musicians over…

When the next album comes out (which will make Mozart sound like toilet splashes) I might put this one on sale for $999.99.


yep you did! but, that’s not too hard – ‘rumours’ and ‘the wall’ are shit, indulgent crap.

well that’s not hard

toilet splashes is my new band name

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In order to screw the man, i made secret copy of this and have been listening to it a bunch over the last week.

you really need to do self promotion! I posted it on the OPZ fb forum and it got some attention, you need to make videos and post it on reddit. it’s annoying but it works.

it’s really great stuff and people will like it if you waste a bunch of time pimping it

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Alright, I think you should be my manager.

Or, you could just start selling my music and taking 100% of the profit. I would probably never notice or mind.

Either way, thanks for the help.

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I clicked in with the intention of watching a joke, but after listening for a while I found it’s really quite interesting!


You can stop holding your breath. The follow up is here: Stream Oshawa Techno | Listen to Moriyama playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Joking apart, this stuff is REALLY good.