2 month old iConnectmidi4+ bricked

my iConnectmidi4+ went from working great to won’t show any signs of life, today. I did a power cycle on everything in my system for a fresh start and the iConnectmidi4+ seemed to get stuck in some boot sequence. I attempted another power cycle on the iConnect and then it would only show signs of life if I held the power button down for 10+ seconds for a hard reset. I went back to check 2 hours later and the unit showed no signs of life. I tried various matched adapters etc.

Any ideas? In the mean time I went ahead and ordered a Kenton usb host, probably what I should have gotten in the first place, but the iConnect had it’s obvious benefits --______–’

Contact iConnectivity support, I’ve heard they were rather responsive.
Never got a pb with mine, it’s rather solid.

Only time I had some weird behavior was when I was throwing unneeded and untamed MIDI messages from every machine :smiley: