2 ob4 questions

I’ve seen posts of people mentioning being able to see battery life from the app but I don’t see anywhere on the ios version to check that. Was it ever there to begin with or are people referencing the android version?

Lastly is it possible to connect a phone using an aux cord to bypass bluetooth and save battery life? I don’t have a spare aux cord at the moment to try myself.

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Tap on the picture of the OB-4 at the bottom and it will pop some info below such as battery level, serial #, as well as the option to turn off Bluetooth auto switch.

I have gone under Bluetooth devices and “forgotten” my OB-4 because it’s SO Bluetooth greedy, but I can still control it with orthoplay and all that. Pretty interesting, maybe a that’s BLE? I’m not going to question too much because I really like how this functions. I just switch it to Bluetooth and re-pair it if I want to listen to music from my phone, and then “forget” it when I’m done.

As far as using line in, I mean yeah of course lol. Anything works on line in.

I haven’t charged mine in a few weeks, I’d say you don’t really need to worry about battery life.

Just tried connecting my phone via aux and not Bluetooth, works just fine. But yes, battery life is great with this thing. I have had several hour morning sessions, and then shut off my equipment, forget to turn off the OB-4, come back that evening for another few hours and see I accidentally left it on. Several times before charging again.


to see what power you have left on the OB-4, just tilt it and the display will pop up with a battery indicator.