2 OP-Zs?

anyone here have any experience using 2 op-z units simultaneously? Can they be synced so that one would be master and the other, slave? Could it be as simple as using a usb-c to usb-c cable? It would be fun to have an additional unit for 8 more audio tracks since the z is kind of limited in terms of memory IMO.

Yea it’s pretty cool. Usb C to usb C and set one to respond to program changes. When changing patterns on one the other follows exactly.


i WILL try this someday! Sounds like so much fun. Will it change projects too?

Don’t remember if it did change projects too but I think there’s a good chance it does

Sorry to bug ya, but I have another question… Was the audio output (from both units) coming coming from just one headphone jack, or both? It would be sweet if all audio was routed to one headphone jack. If not, I assume you would need a mixer of some sort, so you can monitor both z’s at the same time? I can’t wear two pairs of headphones at once. I only have one head!

Yeah you need a mixer of some sort. Now that I think about it I wonder if Dig dug’s OP-Z splitter could be substituted as a really compact mixer for this scenario.

yes u def can use to mix external sources @oxxi